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On a personal note

Jered and Jodi and the kids are doing great!

I just spent several days with them and was able to help Jodi and Jered host the twins' seventh birthday party! I cannot believe how big they are getting. Mo is talking a blue streak ... and is a little doll.

The big news is that Jered and Jodi are expecting a little girl in April! We are so excited! Jodi is still working three 12 hour shifts as an RN. She is amazing!

Jered is working hard, trying to take his business to the next level where it needs to be. Please pray for him. He has had a rough few months with personel issues. But he is at peace ... and has handled it all with integrity, compassion, strength and godliness. We are so proud of both him and Jodi!




Danna and Sam's boys continue to grow. Justus and Hudson are doing great! Justus is in pre-school and loves his teacher and classmates. Hudson still does not like it when Justus goes to school. They are best buddies. I can hardly believe Hudson is two-years-old and Justus is now five. They are amazing young men ... Sam and Danna are great parents.

Sam is working for Turner Construction and doing a great job! He and his dad have also formed a company and are in the process of buildig their first home. Please pray for God's wisdom and direction.

Danna continues to amaze me as a mom and a wife! She is seeking God about a career. Please pray He directs her steps and opens the right doors.




Dan and I ... well, the past six months have just been hard in just about every way! We broke ground on the new building at Westside! Woo Hoo! So the enemy is not happy because we are well on our way to reaching thouands for Christ. If you want to check out our missions ministry, just go to the website. It will bless your heart!

If you are ever in the Kansas City area, we would love to see you at Westside Family Church in Lenexa!





My Bible Study group at Westside gave me the most incredible birthday present ... a photo session with an amazing photographer who is also one of our pastor's wives. Maria Morris is one talented lady! Here is one of the many photos you will be seeing over the next few months.

Mo and I are hanging out in an apple orchard. Did I mention the gift came the exact week all of the kids and grandkids were here? Love. It.




I am loving being more and more involved at Westside! I am teaching a Bible Study on Tuesday nights and have the privilege of teaching THE most amazing group of women. We just worked through my book, Escaping the Stress Trap, and I have to tell you that it was such a blessing!. I am also mentoring several women who really want their lives to count in the Kingdom. They challenge me and I pray I am a blessing in their lives.

I am very excited about my Online Bible Study and am blown away by the response of so many women across the world. It's not too late to join so check it out if you want to learn about those bad girls in the Bible as we study "Learning to Live Right from Women WHo Lived Wrong." AND if you join in December you have access to all of the 2014 lessos. That is TWO YEARS for the price of ONE!!!!

Sharon, Gwen and I have several Girlfriends in God conferences lined up for the rest of this year as well as for 2015. Be sure to check out our conference schedule. We would love to see you!