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On a personal note

We just moved ... the 16th move in our almost 40 years of marriage! And I have decided that I am going to heaven from this house! We downsized - big time! Our church has a thrift store in downtown Kansas City, and I am their new best friend. They made four trips to our house to pick up the things we no longer wanted or needed ... and I may not be through yet!

Seriously ... I went through every single item we own. If we had not used it in the last year or if it did not spark joy in my heart ... it was gone! I either gave it away, threw it away or donated it to our thrift store. It is an amazing feeling to have closets with space, empty cabinets and shelves and drawers. I am defintely over stuff!

But the process ... oh, the process just about killed me! However, I have lived to tell about it! And I am actually at the place where I highly recommend what I have come to call The Purge.

We basically gutted the house we bought ... and are still in the process of completing the remodeling process. I am not a fan. Evidently I need to learn patience because not one single thing has gone right since we started. The closing date was changed three times. That should have been a sign of things to come. I am learning to roll with the punches. And someday it will all be finished! Maybe ...

Post move update: We are all moved in and love our new house! The top floor is done. The basement will be done ... in awhile. We are working on flower beds with the help of Dan's fire group. Bless those precious men!

Our children and grandchildren are wonderful! Here is the scoop on them!

Jered's new company is off the ground and they have their first big project. Please pray that all goes well.

Lelia and Jaydan are 8 years old and loving second grade. Mo is talking up a storm and the best big brother ever to Nori who is now walking everywhere!

Jodi is now working two days a week instead of three and is loving being home more with the kids. Being mom to four kids is no small task, but Jodi does a great job!




Danna and Sam are not moving to Atlanta! Sam got an incredible job offer here in Kansas City. Needless to say that Mimi and Papa are very excited! But it is funny ... that job offer did not come until a week after I finally gave it to Jesus and had peace in my heart about their decision.

Justus and Hudson have had a great summer! They visited Florida and spent most of July in Charleston. We were able to get all of the kids and grandkids together ... and the cousins had so much fun!



I am loving being home more! I have made the commitment to do only one travel speaking event a month this year. I am praying that my new Skype ministry, Friends for the Journey, will grow and allow me to do that. I am working on launching it, so please pray for God's blessing and favor as I seek to encourage women across the country via Skype.

Because I am home more, I am able to teach a monthly Bible Study for the women on our church staff, have started a bi-monthly support group for the wives of our Church Planters, and will be teaching a Bible Study at Westside this year. I am especially excited about teaching in our worship services on a regular basis as well.

I am going to University of Kansas Spine Center where I have found a great doctor who is coming up with a treatment plan for my back. I have Scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. Lovely ... but his goal is to keep my off of the operating table. I like him! I am just getting started but will keep you posted. Please pray! Another reason I am trying not to travel as much. My back does not like planes, trains and automobiles!

Dan is doing well on the new medication that is keeping his heart in rhythm but the side affects are pretty harsh. His cardiologist is trying to come up with a solution. Please pray for wisdom!


Girlfriends in God ... God is blessing the socks off of this ministry! We are doing more conferences ... our devotions are impacting the lives of more women ... and more women are reaching out to us through Facebook, Twitter and email. All I can say is GO GOD!

If you have not signed up to receive our daily devotions, go to www.girlfriendsingod.com and do it right now! I love doing life with these women! You will, too!